GCC maintains global network of supply partners, service providers and customers. We take it as our duty to insure that we have product available in your region and be able to deliver either promptly or within promised lead times. In some cases we can offer high value items by FedEx, UPS Overnight or Airfreight for “time critical” shipments to meet urgent requirements of our customers. Each of the facilities has been audited by reputable independent quality and safety organizations to meet the same high standards, as does our corporate headquarters in the United States of America.

GCC can partner with your company to identify and forecast your key raw material usage so that proper inventory levels can be staged at local warehousing for your “Just in Time” releases. Our philosophy of investing in infrastructure, including people and warehousing, will allow GCC to be your supplier of choice.

“Count on GCC as Most Dependable Partner and Assure Peace of Mind”