What is Custom R&D?

Custom Research and Development (R&D) is the initial stage in an industry that allows you to research while making the product. This stage represents and decides your future result. The more effectively you perform research, the better will be your product’s result.
The research of a product begins when a company test R& D of a potential product. This process is very important to discover new technology, science, etc. to create new products. After the research is done, the development process starts in which the product is developed and further on the company can market and sell the developed product.

When Do Companies Invest in Product Research and Development?

Many companies invest in product research and development when they feel that their product is becoming old and outdated. Therefore, to gain a competitive edge, and to make their product well known in the market, companies rely on the R&D stage of a product.

By performing research and development, companies can make their business unique and differ from in-house or third-party contract. Some companies even keep their R&D team within their company to build an intellectual team and to get their task completed on time.

What is an Example of Research and Development?

Product Research and development is very important to some companies than to many other companies. For instance, if you are a computer software company then you may spend more on R&D as software need daily research than retail companies to find new things on software. The software companies mostly survive on their developing stages and how effective their technology is as compared to their competitors.

The whole product development process starts with designing, creating new features, developing new ideas to improve the existing feature.

Scientists including chemists and process engineers at GCC love to design and develop innovative products and processes, systems or production lines that can help our clients in achieving their business goals.

Our Product Development values focus on:

  • Producibility:  The products, processes and machines, tools, devices or other products we design and develop should be easy to manufacture and with high degree of automation and process control.
  • Performance:  The product we develop should be able to fulfill all the project goals that it sought to achieve. If it’s a medical device, it should be able to perform what it intended to do. If it’s a heavy-industry machine, it should be able to do what it was supposed to do.
  • High Quality:  We make sure that all the products we design and develop meet all the industry standards and regulations. Their lifespan should be optimal, they are reliable and easy to maintain, and they have suitable features to attract the potential customers.
  • Cost-effective:  Innovation isn’t always cheap but we do try to keep the costs at the optimal level.
Product Research vs Product Development

Product research is different from product development. At GCC, the product research belongs to the preliminary phase of creating a new product for the market. In the product cycle this phase belongs to the stage of conceptualisation. On the other hand, we refer product research as the phase of product cycle where the initiations are granted for –

Designing the product–Creating the product –Marketing the product

We aim product research as a way to design and create a new product, and develop it as per the demand of the market. We believe that it is also involved in generating new features in the existing product.

Stages of Product Research and Development

According to BAH model, there are seven stages of product research and development. We believe that these are strategies for new product, followed by idea generation and the process of screening & evaluation. This leads product research and development to the stage of your business analysis, systematic modes of development, stages of testing and the ultimate stage of commercialisation. In combination with product development, product research makes it possible for the product to move along all the phases of product cycle, which are-

Following the aforementioned stages, a product undergoes its life cycle. However, it is the kind of product research and development that decides what kind of quality life the product will have. We believe that a well analysed and professionally tested product research and development process adds great advantage to the developmental process of the product. It is also helpful in adding long term existence of the product in the market. We completely understand that the declination of the product too gets designed by an advanced creation of the same product. At GCC, all these determinations are enhanced and evaluated as per the excellence bestowed into the product through the product research and development approach opted by you or the respective client company.