A global high-tech material specialist, SKC has realized the dreams of its customers while exploring new challenges and seeking change to step towards becoming an environmentally friendly Green Company characterized by innovation.

GCC has historically sold Propylene Glycol and Di Propylene Glycol into the food, fragrance, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors that it serves. We have begun to represent product from SKC of Korea. They are primary in Propylene Oxide, a key feedstock for PG and DPG production.

Propylene Glycol is a relatively nontoxic liquid that is practically colorless, odorless, and tasteless substance. Due to its high solvency at large range of substances, PG is used in various applications. SKC’s PG can be classified as MPG, DPG and TPG by its formula. SKC is producing all kinds of PG, and fulfill customer demands by strict quality control and production management.

PG and DPG are traditionally used as humectants, as a carrier, and of course as a solvent. GCC offers these SKC products in bulk, drums and totes, and the products are available as USP and Kosher.

Please contact our Sales Team with any questions on this product line.