GCC’s Inventory Management Team reviews our products on a regular basis to ensure we provide products to our customers within specification and shelf life. As part of this process certain inventory will be classified as “surplus” if it is determined  to be out of specification, past its expiration date or simply identified as a “priced to move” item.


Please click on the link below to review GCC’s complete “Surplus Inventory” listing.  The items shown below represent only a partial listing of surplus products available.  All of these products are priced for immediate sale and sold with a certificate of analysis on an “as is” basis.


Feel free to inquire with  our Inventory Team regarding any specific questions you may have.

Chemical Name / INCI Name GCC Item # Pcs. Package Lot code Qty. U/m  
DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL LOW ODOR 320006-L601 144 474 lb BK DRM [SKC] X02511D 68,256 lb Inquire
SODIUM SALICYLATE USP CRYSTAL 550019-S420 939 25 K BAG 201306018 51,752 lb Inquire
PETROLATUM USP WHITE 840000-L480 88 840000-L480 370 LB DRUM 32,560 lb Inquire
GLYCERINE 99.7% INDUSTRIAL 730059-L825S 7 2850 lb POLY TOTE U9304120472 19,950 lb Inquire
STANDAPOL A 170071-L641 40 210 K LIQUIPAK 0007859833 18,518 lb Inquire
STEARIC ACID FCC NF VEG POWDER 270049-S418 360 50 LB BAG [ PMC ] MEM-313985 18,000 lb Inquire
STANDAPOL WAQ-LC 170111-L709 35 463 lb LIQUIPAK 0007970334 16,205 lb Inquire
MYRISTIC ACID 99% KOSHER 270190-S422 231 25 K BAG 9914BA0057 12,731 lb Inquire
CASTORWAX MP-70 400176-S418 199 50 LB BAG AMP/1/10 9,950 lb Inquire
SALT DIAMOND CRYSTAL KOSHER 460024-S639 109 80 LB BAG W1015 8,720 lb Inquire
SORBIC ACID FCC CRYSTAL K 470061-S510 125 25 K BOX [CHINA] 011112261 6,889 lb Inquire
STEARIC ACID FCC NF VEG POWDER 270049-S418 133 50 LB BAG [ PMC ] MEM-311384 6,650 lb Inquire
D-XYLOSE USP KOSHER POWDER 510082-S420 105 25 K BAG 2012010701 5,787 lb Inquire
AMMONIUM STEARATE 33% 370015-L640 11 450 lb LIQUIPAK 054829 4,950 lb Inquire
GUAR GUM FOOD GRADE KOSHER 660042-S410 89 25 K BAG 11103864 4,905 lb Inquire
SALT MICROSIZED G-95TCP 460012-S516 56 80 LB BAG S3273G 4,480 lb Inquire
SOD PHOSPHATE DB DH CRY FCC K 430067-S418 83 50 LB BAG 10101191 4150 lb Inquire
PETROLATUM USP WHITE 840000-L480 11 370 LB DRUM 4F397595 4,070 lb Inquire
STEARYL ALCOHOL NF 98 PAST NAT 280037-S430 72 25 K BAG [SURCM] 9864-11-346-230-A-B 3,968 lb Inquire
SODIUM STEARATE OP 100 VEG 270045-S423 79 50 LB BAG 06-211-07 3,950 lb Inquire